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Justice Reform

Justice Reform, civil and criminal justice are both in need of reform. Elimination of victimless crimes, expunging the histories of individuals whom have been convicted of victimless crimes, and enforcing mandatory minimum sentencing for those whom have been convicted of crimes against a person, their property, or of treason. All of which are good good starts to criminal justice reform. Other aspects of criminal justice reform are to fully formulate an articulateable process by which an every day citizen can preform a citizens arrest without being turned away by law enforcement at their biased discretion. Designing new and strengthening current criminal provisions for rights violations at a federal enforcement level.


Civil justice reform comes in with strengthening property rights and enforcement. Holding our government officials accountable when they commit actions against the people that are fraudulent, a violation of a Constitutional Right, or acts of biased personal financial gain.


We don't have to continue allowing our government to power grab and allowing our elected officials to make decisions for personal financial gain. We have another option. We need representatives in Congress that can fairly and most importantly Constitutionally make these determinations when voting on such important issues as both criminal and civil justice reform are and that affects all of us.

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