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Immigration is a core right of humanity. The ability to travel from place to place to be free of oppression, to look for happiness, or to simply see the world. It is an unalienable right that as Americans we hold dear. Our ability to go from state to state, city to city we take for granted. We hold unalienable rights to such grandeur that we recognize them coming from our creator whomever or whatever an individual believes that to be. The people are sovereign and have come together to form a body called government. That body is vested with limited powers and those limits are defined within the Constitution. The Constitution is a document that limits the powers of government not to limit the sovereignty of the people whom created it.


As Americans since we believe in the concept of people of the world came before our government and that government cannot give rights when it only has privileges granted by the people. Then those unalienable rights belong to humanity and not just Americans.


When deciding if a proposed law (bill) fits within the scope of the Constitution one need look no further than determining if the bill will significantly impede the rights of the individual in order to protect the many. Restricting a persons movements when they have done nothing wrong goes against another American custom of innocent till proven guilty. As we all know we have moved far away from that concept also since the founding of our country.


If we were to fully grasp the ideology of closing our borders and treating everyone like everyone is guilty till proven innocent we would live in 1942 Nazi Germany. Furthermore anyone that has worked in a mental healthcare facility can tell you that when you let the schizophrenics feed off the thoughts of other schizophrenics it is a downward sprial into chaos. Chaos is where we are and Nazi Germany is where we are headed.


We don't have to be in chaos anymore and we dont have to revisit 1942 anymore either. We have another option. We need representatives in Congress that can fairly and most importantly Constitutionally make these determinations when voting on this important issue that affects all of us.

Committee to Elect Michael Strauss
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