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Government Transparency & Accountability

Freedom of the Press, Freedom of information Act, State Open Door Acts, despite all these some how we still fall short and straight into a pit of secrets, hidden actions, and covered lies.


We could discuss all day theories of why this occurs. Instead lets talk about the things we can determine are facts. None of these measures of government transparency mean anything without accountability. You can tell someone all day long don't steal, don't murder, or don't unlawfully imprison someone. However if there is no “penalty provision” there is no reason for them to not do these things if they wanted to. They are enforce-less laws. Even when they are enforceable and the government is set to police themselves there is still no justice and no accountability.


It is the DUTY of all the people to hold their government accountable. The President, Congress, Supreme Court Justices, all they way down to the janitor at your local town hall.


We don't have to keep dealing with corruption. We have another option. We need representatives in Congress that can fairly and most importantly Constitutionally make these determinations when voting on such an important issue accountability reforms that affect all of us. We need representatives in Congress that understand Transparency, that understand Accountability.


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

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